Thursday, 23 July 2015

Meet the college dropout billionaire who is yachting enthusiast

Who is not familiar with Larry Ellison? He is the Co-founder and CEO of Oracle, the biggest software companies of the world. He is one of most successful entrepreneurs who managed to build a tech empire without the benefits of any degree. The one of top billionaires, Larry had briefly attended the University of Illinois and University of Chicago as well but received a degree from neither. Today the man is not only known for his software corporation but also for his extravagant lifestyle owning a super yacht of 450 feet.

Larry is fond of sailing and owns the American team for America Cups. His skills as a yachtsman allowed him to win five Maxi World Championships. Being a yachting enthusiast, Larry Ellison has been the owner of many super yachts including the 58 meter Lurssen yacht Ronin, the 75 meter Blohm and Voss yacht Katana, the 138 meter Rising Sun and 88 meter Feadship Motor yacht Musashi.  Larry has sold his all yachts except Musashi. With hull number 1002, Musashi was the largest Feadship ever built. With the accommodation of 18 guests, the yacht has attended the America’s Cup, hosting the guests of Larry Ellison.  

Rising Sun is the eleventh largest yacht in the world that Larry sold to David Geffen in 2010 because of her too large size. Owning a yacht is synonymous to wealthy, luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Not everyone can afford to own a yacht. Larry Ellison pursued his passion of yachting after being enlisted among the richest people of the world. Though getting higher education is the key to achieve success in life but Larry is one of those people whose brilliant ideas, motivation, bravery and skills were enough to become wealthiest people on this planet. The stylish and luxurious yachts reflect his sense of style and his passion for yachting. Being yachting addictive, he is the one who has raised the standard of yacht racing. It seems that his yachting passion and love for yacht racing will never end.