Wednesday, 13 July 2016


There are many great options to celebrate your birthday party if you are living in Dubai but mostly people seek unique and most enjoyable way to celebrate their special day. There are restaurants, cafes, and beach resorts that have always been main area of attention while seeking best place to throw birthday party. But hiring a yacht is above all. Being on gulf Dubai gives high opportunities to explore Arabian Sea. There are many sailing and yachting companies there providing best services for every kind of event.
Hiring a yacht for birthday party celebration is highly lucrative in a way of finding optimum joy and unlimited fun. As people always wanted to go for best entertaining and enjoyable venue for celebrations that’s why trends are changed now. People are bored of same theme restaurants and celebrating all similar celebration venues. Exploring new and entertaining ideas for best celebrations end on hiring a yacht for throwing a birthday party.
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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


The city of Dubai is a great place to visit. Whether you are there for business or pleasure you will have an amazing time. There are many sites to be seen and so much to do. Enjoying those sites by yacht is one of the best things you can do.  Yacht rentals in Dubai have increased tremendously over the years. Many people from college students to major businesses have enjoyed some time on a yacht.
With the increasing popularity of yacht rides, there are many yacht companies popping up all over town. While they all offer great service, each one is different. There are many yacht deals all over the city.  It is important to check out each potential company to see what they have to offer you in the way of a deal.
Of course everyone wants a good price. So for price you need to check on accommodations. If you are having a large group of people with you, look for group deals or discounts. Many yachts love to offer deals to large groups.  It is often much cheaper than if you just book a yacht for a few people only.

Look for yacht rental deals that offer packages. Including overnight room stays with dinner or lunch options is a great deal.  Some yacht services offer rentals in Dubai but travel to other nearby cities as well.  So you get a water tour of Dubai and other locations included in the price also.

If you are having a large event or celebrating a birthday or engagement with a large group of people, look for yacht deals that will give you a lower rate for a party package. You will need space for a dance floor, possibly bedrooms for sleeping or for changing clothes only.  You will need areas for eating such as a large dining room.

Look for yacht deals on the larger sized yachts. These are sometimes called mega yachts. They want to promote these yachts as much as possible. So they may be offering great deals on yacht rentals.

Certain times of the year may be cheaper than others when renting a yacht in Dubai. So it is best to shop around first. If you want to come during the summer time, the price of yachts may be much higher. Deals on yacht rentals, may be much cheaper in the off season. There are less people vacationing during the off season, so yacht availability will be much better. 

Businesses often have conferences or other company events on yachts. You can ask for yacht deals for those event trips. You will be having a large group of people on board so you may need specific accommodations such as servers for food or just a bar/snack set up.

There are many deals available for yacht rentals in Dubai. This is a popular way to spend time in Dubai. Look around, ask questions and you will find the best deal around. You may find more than one, so be prepared to be flooded with offeres.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Here Come Trendy Ideas about Yacht Chartering Dubai

For birthdays, commemorations, corporate occasions, engagements, reunions, parties, and whatever other activities that you can consider, you can procure a yacht in Dubai and have an awesome time. Therefore, time to forget your worries of life. A smooth and vital yacht voyage is waiting for you this winter. Truth be told, there are number of trendy ways to make your voyage life-changing.

Hire the Best and Reliable Yacht Services for You

Are you going to hire yacht chartering services for you? If yes, then make sure to go for reliable company. There are a lot of organizations in Dubai offering different types of yachts. In fact, hire a yacht that fulfills your requirements. It would be better to hire a yacht where you can get private rooms, a comfortable parlor, outfitted kitchen and feasting range, an open sundeck, or an invigorating scaled down pool. First class home theater and music framework likewise strengthen the gathering vibe locally available on various yachts.

Sunset Yacht Cruise :

Give your gathering a particular sort of style with a spellbinding sunset voyage. Set in the midst of stunning tints of orange and purple, the skies loan a stand-out vibe to your gathering, as you and your visitors furrow till sundown. Appreciate a night voyage particularly devoted to nature lovers and romantic people who discover the nightfall as a standout amongst the most excellent views on the planet. From your yacht, you can experience passionate feelings for nature as you watch the sun offer its farewells for the day. As the withering beams of the sun connect with a brilliant sea, the moment is basically entrancing, giving an immaculate setting to a romantic cruising in Dubai. The winding down light and the vanishing sun are hypnotic to the point that you can't resist the urge to surrender yourself to nature with all its stunning and unmatched excellence.

Yacht Chartering at Dubai Marina:

Dubai marina is something that you just can't afford to miss. Dubai Marina is notorious with seven towers shinning around it. On Dubai Marina, you can experience the real beauty of this wonderful city full of lights and fascination. Therefore, if you are visiting Dubai and want to make your voyage unforgettable, then don’t forget to enjoy yacht rental Dubai ride on Dubai Marina. In simple words, Dubai Marina is the clear depiction of Dubai’s history and progress. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dubai – An Ideal Spot to Spend Your Vacations

Dubai is a place everybody must visit once in his/her life. This summer, I have visited Dubai with my wife and kids and trust me! It was a lifetime valuable experience. Dubai offers you more than your expectation. The Beautiful Beach Resorts, Luxury shopping malls, Historical Places, Dubai Marina, Desert Safari and much more. It would not wrong to say that these reasons are enough for one to go to Dubai. In this guide, I will talk about a few one that why one should prefer Dubai to spend Vacations.

Dubai – Why an Ideal Spot for Vacations?

·         Dubai encompassed by palm and date trees. This looks breathtaking. The amazing five to seven stars hold a substantial number of foreign travelers going to Dubai every year. In spite of the fact that the climate is normally hot; however, centrally aerated and cooled buildings don't give you a chance to sweat or feel depleted by any means. You will discover Dubai a really intriguing destination with gigantic joy and wonders.

·         Dubai Yacht Chartering is quite famous all across the globe. In fact, yachting has everything to blend your senses; a wide cluster of luxurious food things with complimentary beverages to treat your taste buds, music of assorted types in accordance to your state of mind, continually changing pleasant perspectives and reviving ocean breeze.

·         Sublime water vessel with grand accommodation for staying, dinning and adventuring, yachting knowledge will abandon you entranced. It would not wrong to say that considering yacht a cruising heaven.

·         Dubai is also one of the best places for shopping addicted people. You will get the top brands of the world in Dubai Shopping malls. Therefore, if you are visiting Dubai with your family members, don’t forget to visit shopping malls.

·         Experiencing Dubai Marina is notorious with seven glittery towers shinning around it. In simple words, Dubai Marina is the real picture of modern world and its advancements. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Dubai – Why Famous for Yacht Chartering?

Today, Dubai, as a famous tourist spot, brags of probably the most fabulous and stupendous structures, that has been appealing individuals from all over to witness man-made creation in its full magnificence. What's more, it appears that making bombastic, goal-oriented arrangements is right around an affinity, or obsession, for the leaders of this emirate. Truth be told, Dubai is an extraordinary travel destination for both the vacationer and also the business voyager.

Dubai has a lot to offer in means of activities, inns and base to give some examples. Dubai has figured out how to astound all cordiality and tourism specialists and one of the major reasons behind its popularity is Yacht Chartering services. No doubt, Dubai is an acclaimed spot for Yacht Chartering. Among voyagers, Yacht sanctioning has turned into the way of life and they consider yacht chartering, as one of the most ideal approaches to spend their cash on vacation rides off the ocean in Dubai. Yachting could be an outing to the opposite side of the inlet or over the seas through islands where individuals charter yachts from the yacht sanction organization to make the most of their vacation trips for quite a long time together or notwithstanding for over a month.

Last but not the least, the main reason behind preferring Dubai for Yacht chartering is that there are number of organizations offering Yacht Chartering services in a reliable way. You can charter private yacht, or up to you, if you want to go in groups. You can enjoy peaceful atmosphere, as there will be entire crew available on yacht for your assistance. Moreover, if you want boat captain as well to guide you about places, then you can also request that specific organization. In reality, Dubai has not only fascinating spots for tourists, but also offer reliable and excellent services when it comes to yacht chartering. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Why you should consider yacht for your birthday celebrations?

Birthday is very important occasion in every person’s life. Birthdays are never complete until you add something special in it, either it is yours or your loved ones. Unique birthday celebration add cheers on birthday parties. So go ahead and make this year birthday more special by celebrating at lavish outstanding Yacht. Celebrating birthday at luxurious yacht is great way to celebrate under sky.

Make your this year birthday not to be forgotten. Everyone will want to attend party at the yacht with birthday-themed decorations. So it is the best way to impress your friends or family too.